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Jack & Joaquin added 10/22/2020

After doing a quick check I see that this is Jack's first hardcore outing here on BelAmiOnline since May, and, following Murphy's law, he is again fucking Joaquin Arrenas. Although we would normally pull this scene out and save it, both times the scenes are part of a series that we want to air in chronological order, so we hope you don't mind seeing them again here today. We join the boys today as they are playing together on the beach and follow them back home to the shower, where Joaquin needs some help 'to get the sand out of my ass'. Luckily all sand seems to have disappeared by the time Jack gets around to sticking his dick in there instead. With Joaquin you can be guaranteed a great performance as Jack already knows that his buddy can take as much dick as he has to give, and doesn't have to hold back at all. Who knows, maybe the next time they meet the roles will be reversed!