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Olaf & Yannis added 12/19/2020

Olaf is one of our new favorites here at BelAmi and we are always excited to bring you another new scene with him, more so when his partner is the very sexy Yannis Paluan. We join the boys today with Olaf explaining that he has to keep his hair longer while he is filming a mainstream movie, where he plays a blood-soaked demon. Today, however his role will be as cum-covered angel. 

We have always been very lucky in finding guys who's appetite for bottoming is inexhaustable. Marcel Gassion.. Claude Sorel... Rick Palmer and now we carry on the tradition with Olaf. While Marcel craved huge dicks, Olaf is much more inclusive, and his only requirement is that it is rock hard and stays that way for ages.

As we are getting close to Christmas we have been extra careful to select only the very best scenes to celebrate with so we have you enjoy this very horny encounter today.