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Adam, Dylan & Jim - Part 2 added 12/5/2020

If there is anything better than 2 sex maniacs going at it, then it has to be 3! Today we have the concluding part of our double day special and we add Jim Durden into the hot and sweaty mix of Adam and Dylan to wrap up our 'Summer in Prague' week for this month. Today we have 2 bottoms and 3 tops, with both Adam and Dylan taking turns working over Jim's ass, and then Dylan (not having enough in part 1) backing up for a 2nd ride on Adam's rock hard cock as well as getting a terrific fuck from Jim. The action at time borders on frenetic as all 3 of our horny guys can't seem to get enough of each other... we certainly don't envey the work of the cameraman trying to keep up with these 3 today!