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Ashton & Kieran added 11/5/2020

We are happy to announce that today we start the new hardcore series 'Summer in Prague'. You have all had a taste of the cast going about their daily activities in our documentary series, but now the serious fun begins. To kick it off we have one of our most popular models from the past few years, Kieran Benning together with rising star, Ashton Montana.

We all know that the boys have a pretty tight schedule and there is precious little time for anything other than scholl and working on chat, but that doesn't mean that they have a less than normal need for sex. Kieran decides to resolve his issues with pent up sexual energy here by kidnapping Ashton and whisking him away for a secret tryst.

Hopefully the guys keep up this level of sexual energy throughout the series as Kieran treats Ashton to one of the most energetic and urgent fuckings he has had so far.