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Benoit & Marc added 9/3/2020

There is a bit of a coming of age theme to today's scene with 20 year old Benoit and 27 year old Marc. Benoit is lamenting the fact that he still gets age checked everytime he wants a drink or to buy cigarettes, but is reassured by Marc that this will not always be the case, and that he should make the most of his youth while it lasts, although we're quite sure that Marc meant that HE should make the most of Benoit's youth here.

The fucking here is energetic and intense, with Benoit determined to prove to Marc that youth does not equate to inexperience and shows him that he can take as much as Marc has to give. Benoit is the first to shoot his load, but he is followed soon after by Marc, who dumps his seed on his buddy's hole before fucking it back up inside to complete the encounter.