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Mario & Eluan added 10/3/2020

There have been a few times in the history of BelAmi where the boys have taken it upon themselves to try out some radical new haircuts... most of them disasterous so we think that Mario may be a little bit over converned about his bad hairdo in today's scene. A lot of the time we have to wait until the samage repairs itself, but we felt that Mario is cute enough with any color hair anyhow and left him in the capable hands of Eluan to cheer him up.  Turns out that there is nothing like a good fuck to lift the spirits and by the end of this rigerous pounding, Mario is feeling a lot better about himself. Eluan proves himself here not only to be a good friend, but also a first rate fucker, mixing tender caresses and gentle kisses with a strong pounding that leaves Mario quite worn out, but very happy.