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Bart & Yannis - Part 2 added 9/19/2020

As we follow on today right from where we left off in part one, there is no introduction here, so we get a full 20 minutes of hot sex with 2 even hotter guys. It is almost undisputed that Yannis has one (if not the) hottest ass here at BelAmi, but we have to also remember he has a nice, thick cock that he likes, at times, to bury deep within his lover's ass... and today he gets the chance to return the favor and show Bart what his skills as a top are like. Don't be alarmed when the guys go straight from rimming into fucking today.. Yannis seemed in a bit of a hurry to get to the main course, but they do return at the end for an oral climax to the scene, finally ending with Yannis' cum all over Bart's face and in his hair. Even though we love to see Yannis' cute ass getting plowed, today's finale to this double update may even be better than part 1.