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Bart & Yannis - Part 1 added 9/17/2020

Although most of our guys (as is the case with Yannis) are genuinely nice guys who are fun to be around, a few of them also have a strong streak of vanity running in their veins (as also is the case with Yannis) and spend a lot of time making sure they look their best for us, but also quite a bit of time admiring the results themselves. Today Yannis takes it in his stride when he is caught in the middle of a self appreciation session by sexy Hungarian, Bart Cuban. Without blinking an eye, he turns what could have been an embarrassing moment into an opportunity for seduction, and very soon has Bart's big dick first in his mouth and then up inside his ass. For all of his youth, Bart is an accomplished fucker and soon has Yannis writhing in pleasure and spurting a huge load all over his chest, with Bart following soon after with his own big load all over Yannis' still quivering hole.