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Dylan & Justin added 9/26/2020

Whenever we get a scene with Dylan in it we can be guaranteed of a real treat. He never has off days and is always full to bursting with sexual energy. In today's Sex Safari scene he is paired up with another of our sex machines, Justin Saradon.

Today we catch up with the guys as Justin is telling Jerome that he caught Dylan in the bathroom the previous night fucking 5 different guys. After all of that he is still rock hard and ready for guy #6, and Justin is perfectly happy to comply. Dylan is quite dominant in today's scene, almost manhandling Justin into whatever position he wants him before giving him the fuck of his life. If this is what he can do with guy #6, I am sure that there is queue up outside to be guy #7!

Although he won't admit it, we actually think Dylan came early on in the fucking here, as you can see cum leaking out of Justin as Dylan continues to pound his ass. Not to worry though as he also cums again for us at the end of the scene too, before fucking that load back up inside as well.