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Mikk & Andrei added 8/4/2020

Andrei Karenin has to be one of most intense lovers that we have in our current roster of guys and his passion is always on display, both on and off camera. Today Mikk Ad'Ancona is the lucky boy to get to experience Andrei during his 2nd on camera training session. Although Andrei is not one of our regular trainers, his 8 years of experience here definitely make him a qualified sex instructor. Andrei's favorite type of sex is definitely a bit on the harder side of things, but he is very careful to start of gentle and work up the intensity until his partner is begging for more. Today he seems to have met the perfect student as Mikk is keen to absorb everything he can from his instructor... and judging by the dreamy look on his face while getting fucked, may have even fallen a little bit in love with his teacher.