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Jordan, Bobby & Justin added 7/30/2020

Even though our guys are almost always horny, there is some magic in Cape Town that makes it even more intense than usual. When we join our trio today it is almost like stepping into a dream with 3 handsome, young guys running along the windswept beaches without a care in the world, except for the next time that they will be making love. Justin is the initiator of today's action, and when the boys get back home we can see why he was in such a hurry to get Bobby and Jordan into his bed. The love-making is a tag-team of action with both guys taking turns to satisfy Justin's craving for cock. Right after shgooting his load he is rewarded with a huge and creamy mouthful of Bobby's cum followed by an equally huge load from Jordan all over his ass. and luckily Bobby was there to lick it clean for him.