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Jason & Enrique added 3/26/2020

It may seem that we have a lot of Jason at the moment, but it is just a happy coincidence that he was a part of all the major projects that we are screening right now.  Today we carry on with our Summer Loves series filmed on location at Castello KinkyAngelo just outisde of Prague.

You may remember during Summer Break, Joel was learning to play the ukulele. He is here today to show us that he has progressed and has now learnt his 2nd chord! Luckily the music seems just right to put Jason in the mood for love and we soon have him dragging Enrique off for a quick fling. Last time we saw Jason he was banging young Bart, so it is fitting that today it is his ass getting used by Enrique.  While Jason seems to prefer being a top, he is cerainly an excellent bottom as well and makes a perfect partner today for Enrique.