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Adam, Andre & Jerome added 1/30/2020

We have been very remiss in giving you scenes with Andre Boleyn recenly and it has been a good 4 or 5 months since we last saw him on screen, so we thought that we would give him the starring role here in our main update of the week in our Summer Loves feature. Although we will have  the full documentary series for you later on, the camera crew have tried to give you a taste of what is going on at the castle at the beinning of each scene as well, and today that means a quick look at Helmut and Jacq getting ready for their photo shoot together. As for the sex, we reunite our original KinkyAngels couple of Andre and Adam for the first time in ages to fuck Musketeer, Jerome Exupery. 

There is a little interruption in the fucking however when a jealous Helmut Huxley barges in on set for Jerome to reassure him that he is not enjoying being pounded by our KA team more than he enjoys being fucked by himself. Sadly things don't go well for Helmut, and Jerome sends him on his way with only the briefest and most insincere assurances.

We'll give you a link for the scene without Helmut's rude interruption in the quickies section soon.