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Dario & Harris added 7/23/2019

We will confess that this is the scene that we vacillated most on whether to include here or not. In fact, we have been holding onto it for quite a while, waiting for the right moment to publish. It is not that we have any problems with either of the boys, but the style is a radical departure from our normal offering. As a bit of whimsy, we wondered what it would be like to add a bit of fetish into one of our videos, so we asked Lukas Ridgeston to pick the 2 boys he felt best suited and film for us a leather themed scene. This was originally shot as a 2 day scene, but to lessen the shock to you all we have edited it to air on 1 day. Neither boy was a total stranger to something a little kinky, and all the gear is actually Dario's, although we are thankful that he didn't actually try out his massive dildo on Harris.
Disclaimer: No models were damaged during the filming of this scene