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Jack & Henrik added 5/22/2018

To keep the starving horde of Jack fans from beating me up on the forum for a lack of Jack, today we have his scene with Henrik Bjorn.
As you have seen in our documentaries, the boys are all kept well groomed and presentable while on these big production trips, but Jack is, and always has been, a bit of a rebel (that is my nice way of saying a bit pig-headed at times) and has decided to try George's patience a little by filming unshaven and with his ear thing in... Given how much you all seem to adore him, we didn't think that it will really matter, so here is the scene and you can judge for yourselves....If he get's less than 4.5 here though, we will take a skin graft from his foreskin to fill up the hole in his ear though. (just kidding)