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Ralph Woods

Ralph Woods

Ralph is one of the few foreign models (he is Canadian) and also one of the few openly gay models employed by Bel Ami. You can see him evolving from a thin gay boy with a huge dick to someone who is more and more muscular. “I am pleased at his evolution,” says George Duroy. “Also, as much as he looks very boyish and innocent, he is very strong-willed and determined to succeed in whatever he is doing.” He is probably the most businesslike of all Bel Ami models; he knows what he has to offer, and what he can expect in return. Ralph is very professional and reliable. He can both top and bottom, but as with Trevor Yates, however, it can be difficult to find a suitable bottom for him! He is not exclusive to Bel Ami, but lately he has chosen only to work for us. “I had seen him on the cover of a Falcon film,” George says. “And then one of my scouts was in Las Vegas at a trade show and met him there.” Ralph’s first Bel Ami work was during one of the trips to Cape Town, South Africa. He comes over to Bratislava two or three times a year for several weeks. It can be difficult for him because he does not speak the language, and definitely does not like to be left alone. He needs a lot of attention. George respects how Ralph has no problems working with heterosexual models or “tough” models. “He accepts who he is, and he is very comfortable with it, so therefore they are comfortable with it, too,” George says. When Ralph is on the set he also does make-up for his fellow performers. He is quite good and carries an entire makeup kit with him. “When he is on the set, we do not need a makeup artist and the other boys enjoy him doing it,” George says. “He is an interesting match for us.”

Model Rating

Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:25