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Vadim Farrell

Vadim Farrell

Vadim is a Hungarian model who comes from a small-town, blue-collar family. After more than a year of filming, G. Duroy feels Vadim finally learned to relax and blossomed into a first-class model. (His surname comes from the actor Colin Farrell, as you might guess.) He is athletic with a beautiful face, bright blue eyes and sensual lips, and a big dick. George is fond of recalling that when he and Vadim first met he said, with complete sincerity, "I always knew I would be making money with my good looks." Unfortunately, he has a friend with a gay brother who very quickly learned about Vadim's erotic career and immediately spread the word in their small town. "Of course, it is always some gay idiot who makes trouble," George recalls. Vadim ultimately decided to move to Budapest early in 2010 and became much more available to Bel Ami. "He has a beautiful, round, bubble-butt and believe me, bottoming does not hurt him at all," George says. "Originally, he had it stuck in his head that bottoming was too passive and feminine for a man. 'It hurts my pride,' he would tell me." However, after his pride had been wounded even more in his hometown, George learned this issue about bottoming would not be an issue now that he needed to earn more money to live. Vadim's fantastic physique makes him quite popular among those customers who appreciate muscle.

Model Rating

Hair color:Dark Brown
Eye color:Blue-Green
Dick size:20
Dick type:Average


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Vadim Farrell


<p>Today we have a special photo update featuring the incredibly handsome Vadim and Andrei. The setting is a little different than our normal studio or outdoor settings, so we hope you enjoy the change of pace.</p>
Vadim & Andrei
We`re going outside for today`s photosession with our handsome Hungarian, Vadim Farrell.Vadim has been one of our more popular models now for many years and as time passes he just gets sexier and sexier.
You may recognize the location of this shoot from our scene last week between Helmut and Joel
Vadim Farrell
It happens sometimes that our cameramen don`t take enough pictures to make what we think is an `adequate amount` of images to show you in these little visual previews.  In cases like that we take the easy way out and just give you more than one scene at the same time.  Today we get 2 dark and brooding beauties in Kris and Andrei along with a fabulous 3some of Hoyt, Vadim and Johnny.
Hoyt, Vadim, Johnny, Andrei and Kris
This art collection photoset was taken by Dylan Rosser for us during a trip to Australia with Vadim and some of the other guys, just inland from Byron Bay.
The choice to present some of the pictures with reduced color, and some in black and white is that of the artist.
Vadim Farrell
We have a couple of guys who fill the spot for model of the week.  Hungarians Vadim Farrell  and Jim Kerouac pose together  for the camera of Eliot Klein.  Apparently this was quite a challenging shoot for Eliot because the guys were more interested in having fun with each other than posing for the camera.  At least by the end of the day he managed to get a nice set of pictures together for us.
Vadim and Jim
Today`s images are taken from a 3way scene with Sascha, Paul and Vadim.  Lucky Sascha is paired with 2 hungry tops who leave him satisfied in every sense.
Sascha, Vadim and Paul
It is a double treat day today with this cover shoot of Jean-Daniel and Vadim.
We are not sure yet if these shots will grace the cover of an upcoming DVD though, we try to photograph possible combinations in advance of deciding the actual movie titles
Jean-Daniel and Vadim
This photoset of Vadim was taken on location in Ibiza while we were filming the DVD 3D BelAmi.  It was one of the best locations we ever had to film in and we allowed to rent it only as the current owner had just sold it and the new owner hadn`t moved in yet.  Otherwise it was just a private residence.
Vadim Farrell
Vadim Farrell