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Roger Lambert

Roger Lambert

Roger works as a handyman and earns a solid living. He is blond and blue-eyed with broad shoulders and a beautiful, fat dick. Roger is also quite good-natured and patient. G. Duroy recalls an anecdote when he tried to reach Roger for several days without success, and left multiple phone messages. Eventually he called back, upset that his father had discovered Roger was shooting porn. "This was before we had even released any material, but we realized he had already filmed one single scene with another company," G. Duroy recalls. "Some good soul referred this information to his father, who did not respond well." But then Roger went to the local disco, where he was welcomed as a maverick and local hero who dared to do something different. "I felt like a mafia boss," Roger says, and now does not worry about his family's reaction to his new career.

Model Rating

Hair color:Highlights
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:18.5
Dick type:Thick


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Meet a new addition to the BAOL family. This handsome, muscular blond with a fat cock is a very appealing mix of boyishness and masculinity.
Roger Lambert