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Renato Amoroso

Renato Amoroso

George Duroy discovered Renato in quite a dramatic and romantic fashion. George had just emerged from a screening of the Italian drama “Malena,” which is about a young boy who nurtures sexual fantasies about a local beauty. And standing before George was a dark-haired, fresh-faced, ravishingly attractive 18-year-old who fit the profile of the young boy in the film. “Renato came along at the perfect time, as he filled a gap left by the departure of some boys,” George recalls. “He is an excellent top.” Like many Bel Ami boys, Renato is obsessed with cars. At any time he will have two or three vehicles to trade or sell. He had a pervasive wild streak; we had some trouble with him during the production of “Red Hot Chili Sex” when he decided to dance stark naked on a nearby rooftop in the middle of the night. This did not go over well among the locals in the Tatra Mountains town where filming took place. Plus, Renato’s display of testosterone led to him contracting pneumonia, as it was the middle of winter. Renato’s best friend is Chris Casablanca, and George has referred to them as “twin trouble.” We stopped working with Renato when he unexpectedly grew too big for our standards, but he shot a number of very fine episodes.

Model Rating

Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:18



Neither of the models from this pair work with us any longer, but these photos were taken at the height of their careers in 2003 by Marty Stevens. George considers this set of photos as among the best from previous eras and the pairing as perfect. This is not only because both of them were very charismatic, but they were also fast friends in real life.
Chris and Renato