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Ashton Montana

Ashton Montana

Ashton is quickly becoming a crowd favorite at both BelAmi and Freshmen. Ashton has a naturally lean build and does not share the gym going obsession of many of our other models. For now Ashton remains at the core of our latest filming team and we can expect to see a lot more of him coming up.

Model Rating

Eye color:Blue-Gray
Hair color:Blond
Dick type:Average
Dick size:19


Ashton Montana
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Ashton Montana
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Ashton Montana
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<p>Since it is almost Christmas we have doubled our photo updates this week.  Our seasonal special features Riff, Kian, Ashton, Jamie, and Tommy and was taken on our most recent trip to the southern hemisphere.</p>
Kian, Riff, Ashton, Jamie & Tommy
<p>Our main concession to it being Easter this week is that we decided to bring you 2 guys instead of one for our model of the week spot.  We`ve paired up our 2 blonds with the biggest dicks for the occasion so we hope you enjoy seeing Eluan and Ashton here together today. They have been in a couple of group scenes together before, but this is the first (and not last) time you will see them as a couple.</p>
Ashton & Eluan
<p>Ashton is one of our easiest models to work with. Tall and handsome he is the perfect fit for BelAmi. He never complains and gets along well with all the other guys so all of our cameramen and directors call him a dream model.... We call him a dream model as well, but not for the same reasons as our crew! He is here today with Eliot for this photoshoot and as you will see, the only challenge for Eliot was to subtly apply a little makeup to his cheeks, as Ashton blushes easily and when he does his cheeks turn a very bright shade of red. We could not think of a better model to start the new year off with, so we hope you enjoy seeing him here today.</p>
Ashton Montana
<p>I know that some of you have been eager to see these pictures for a little while, so we are happy to be able to bring them to you here today. Our documentary from the shoot will be coming next friday as a Valentines special. For those of you not already familiar with this project, we were invited to Spain to shoot promotional images for `Addicted/ES` in the summer last year. Some of the boys are off to the Canary Islands in a weeks time to finish the project and we hope to bring you those pictures before the end of the month. As a special treat, we have pictures of all 3 of our new superstar team of Tom, Aston and Ethan in here for you to enjoy.</p>
<p>The pictures are taken by the very talented Tarek del Moreno, and if you are interested in any of the gear, feel free to visit</p>
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