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Dario Dolce

Dario Dolce

Dario Dolce is a special case. He came to us distrustful and reserved. Before we had a chance to work with him, he disappeared. Some time later, he resurfaced working for Hammer Entertainment in Prague, where he shot quite a few episodes. He came back to us this way and had completely changed. From someone remote and clumsy, as a sexual performer, he evolved into a most enthusiastic bottom. He is excellent sex. "It was good luck to get him back," George Duroy says. He is quickly shedding all of his sexual inhibitions. In fact, Dario is developing a taste for kinky or rougher sex and we are going to be exploring this in future episodes. In his day-to-day life, Dario is a sportsman. He enjoys wrestling and plays on an excellent team. In a number of episodes for us, Dario has proven he can interact with almost anyone, both sexually and on a personal level. He generates instant chemistry and this translates beautifully on-camera.

Model Rating

Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Dark Brown
Dick type:Average
Dick size:17


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Coming up fairly soon you will get to see Dario and Billy in action here on BelAmiOnline, but now we have a taste of what is to come in this set of action pictures for you.  Whilst he is an almost insatiable bottom, Dario also makes quite a fine top.
Dario and Billy
We`re in triple heaven today with 3 of our regular cat of handsome guys, Jim, Billy and Dario all hooked up together for a scene a little while ago and we are happy to be able to give you a little look at what the scene will be like with this selection of action pictures.
Jim, Dario and Billy
These photos were taken during the filming of Dylan and Dario`s scene together.
If Dylan needed instruction on the fine art of flip-flopping he would be hard-pressed to find a better teacher than Dario!
Dylan and Dario
To mark the beginning of our Orgy Month we have a special double update with photos from the upcoming 24 Boy Orgy.  120 images from the dedicated photo team divided into `suck` and `fuck` updates.You`ll have to forgive us a little for not listed the full cast here, but we know you`ll be able to recognize almost everyone.The rest of Orgy Month consists of never seen before `On the Set` footage from 3 of our more recent orgies.  At every special filming event, in addition to the teams that are actually filming the scenes, we have a documentary team that films how the scenes is made.  This is the first time that this footage for some of our orgies is being released.The final Orgy will be aired during the last week of the month and you will get to see all 24 boys in action
24 Boys - Fuck
Today we have a double update of action pictures for you.Jack and Roger together and also Dario and Florian
Florian, Dario, Roger and Jack
We are back on location again for today`s action pics.  Taken during the filming of 2 upcoming scenes with Julien Hussey and Dario Dolce, Billy Cotton and Gino Mosca.
Julien and Dario, Billy and Gino
We`re featuring photos today of 2 scenes featuring Phillipe in his favorite occupation: getting fucked.  Today the lucky Guys are Jim Kerouac and Dario Dolce.
Jim, Phillipe and Dario
Our production photos today come from our most recent trip to South Africa and feature the ever energetic Dario Dolce and Luke Hamill
Luke and Dario
Quite a few of you have been asking for more scenes with Billy Cotton, so we scheduled in something for you.  These pictures were takeb during the filming of Dario and Billy`s flip flop fuck session
Billy and Dario flip flop
Our production photo shoot today comes from an upcoming scene with Dario Dolce and Colin Hewitt.
Colin and Dario
A week ago today you saw the first half of an extensive photo shoot with Jean-Daniel, Dario and Kris. While part of an episode from the film Kris Evans: Up and Close (due to be released this September), the photos turned out wonderfully and stand well on their own. While the first half of the photoset was light and relatively innocent, the second half goes much further.
Jean-Daniel, Kris and Dario
Today and on the 19th you find an extensive photo shoot with Jean-Daniel, Dario and Kris. They are part of an episode from the film Kris Evans: Up and Close, due to be released this September. We think the photos turned out wonderfully and stand well on their own.
Jean-Daniel, Kris and Dario
As promised, Friday`s should feature photos from episodes planned for release next season. This week we have stills from 2 different scenes.  The first are Jim with Steve Peyroux from a production about 6 months ago in Budapest, and the 2nd with Jim and Dario which is partially filmed in Africa and is still waiting to be finalized.  You`ll get to see the finished results next season
Jim and Steve, Dario and Jim
Adam, Andre, Dario and Jack
Jack and Dario
This is the 2nd time Dario has been our Pin-Up for the week. This is a recent set taken from our time in South Africa in 2010.  Dario has at this time 33 episodes on BelAmiOnline, so if you would like to see more there is plenty inside.
Dario Dolce