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Mick Lovell

Mick Lovell

Mick was the first American we signed as an exclusive model, and the 2nd that we featured on the site. In a bit of a baptism by fire, one of his first experiences with us was on our March trip to Australia where we did a little filming and attended the Sydney GLBT Mardi Gras. Since then Mick travelled over to Europe several times filming and we were very pleased with how it is working out. In the end Mick certainly can be counted amongst the ranks of BelAmi superstars.

Model Rating

Hair color:Blond
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:19
Eye color:Blue


Mick & Johnny
Mick & Harris
Mick & Rhys
Mick Lovell
Mick and Joel
Kevin and Mick - Part 2
Kevin and Mick - Part 1
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Ariel, Colin and Mick - Part 1
Mick Lovell
Mick and Claude
Mick and Florian
Mick Lovell
Mick, Gino and Kevin - Part 2
Mick, Gino and Kevin - Part 1
AIP - Part 6 - Mick and Luke - Condom Free
AIP - Part 2 - Mick arrives at the office
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Up in the sky - Part 3
Up in the sky - Part 2
Up in the sky- Part 1


We started with Ryan a couple of weeks ago, and today we have the 2nd of our very special Anniversary photosets.  This time it is with the legendary Mick Lovell.  Mick is undoubtedly our most popular American model ever to appear here on BelAmiOnline and this photoset shows exactly with this is. Fantastic huge dick, movie star good looks and a natural physique that Adonis would crave for.
Mick Lovell
For those of you who are DVD customers, this scene will already seem familiar as it is on our DVD `Goodbye Kisses`. The rest of us still have to wait a little longer for the scene itself
For now those please enjoy our selection of photographs taken during the filming of this scene with Mick and Rhys.
Mick and Rhys
Today`s action pictures are a bit special to us.  Firstly because of the all star pairing of Mick Lovell and Kevin Warhol and secondly as they come from one of only a handful of scenes that we have left with Mick.
This upcoming scene was filmed with the 2 guys when both of them were in their best shape and horniest moods.  The scene is scheduled to come to you as a extra special double update early in September and was filmed before their encounter in `An American in Prague` but we held back on releasing it until later.
Kevin and Mick
We start off our Christmas special of photosets this week with our favorite XXL American, Mick Lovell.
Mick was featured last month also in our BelAmi Legends series opposite Claude Sorel, and is back on his own this time in a photoset taken at one of our favorite Hungarian locations.
Mick Lovell
Our action photoset today is a bit of a giveaway that soon we will have another of our Mick Lovell scenes coming online for your enjoyment.  This time he is paired up with the dreamy Claude Sorel and the scene will be online on the 8th of next month.
Mick and Claude
Our photo set this week is a bit of an extension from what we had last week.In last weeks video you saw some footage of Mick posing together with Dolph and Kris.  This weeks selection comes from those images and were taken for potential covers for the American Lovers DVDs.
African Photoshoot
Something a little different today.This set of pictures of Mick is part of our Art Collection.  Shot by Rick Day during our trip to South Africa we see handsome and sexy Mick at various locations around the property.  Which is your favorite?
South Africa Photoshoot
Enjoy a sneak peak at some scenes to come later on BelAmiOnline that include many of your favorites: Mick Lovell, Jim Kerouac, Todd Rosset & newbie Scott Reeves.
Todd and Scott, Jim and Mick