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Kris Evans

Kris Evans

Kris came to us when he was 18 years old through our Hungarian office. At the time he was very boyish.
He now has three different looks: his first pictures, then his return with shorter hair and sideburns, and his current style. He looks like three different people. "I wanted him very badly when he first came to us, but he was extremely reluctant to shoot anything," G. Duroy recalls. "Eventually he told me that he was still a virgin and did not want to lose his virginity to a boy on camera. He felt he was heterosexual. I told him to give us a call down the road and I am glad he did." During the winter of '09, he resurfaced and indicated an interest to work on film, so obviously he had worked out his virginity issues.

Despite his youth and having grown up in a very small town, Kris is well aware of his worth. "He is one of the very few who has it all: intelligent and ambitious, good looks, beautiful dick, great cumshots, a great kisser, wonderful body. It was obvious from day one it would work out," George says. In the beginning, Kris had a lot of preconceived notions about sex and what is wrong or right about life in general. With time and a little maturity he is not quite so rigid, but he still waffles back and forth between his small-town upbringing and the larger world. Otherwise, he is quite sensual with a strong sexual identity. He loves assplay. So even though he professes heterosexuality, George hears about his private behavior with our other models and therefore believes there is more than just a passing interest in boys.

George believes Kris has the potential to eventually transition behind the camera as a camera operator or editor. He has a natural interest along these lines, just like Lukas Ridgeston. In the meantime, he has expanded his worldview by traveling the planet with Bel Ami, including to the U.S. and Cape Town, South Africa. During such a trip in the spring of 2010, a vindictive fan outed Kris to the media. His story was splashed across the local and national news for days and we believed Kris would leave us. After some time in contemplation, during which time he was counseled by George (who has seen this kind of exposure happen to other models), Kris came to peace with the exposure and remains a part of the Bel Ami family.

Model Rating

Eye color:Green
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Average
Dick size:19


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Our HUNGarian special could not be complete without a photo special of super star Kris Evans.  The one we chose for the occasion was taken during our excursion to Australia and comes from the seaside town of Byron Bay and was taken by Dylan Rosser. Although Kris was quite into body building already at this time, he is still quite a bit smaller than he would go on to become. To spice the set up a bit, we added a few beach snapshots to this `art collection` as well to give you a bit extra.
Kris Evans
Completing our trio of superstar photosessions we have the incomparable Kris Evans. Undoubtedly one of our most popular models of the past decade, Kris has a body and dick that have achieved legendary status in the world of gay porn.  Since stopping filming, Kris has gone on to be a successful trainer and competitive bodybuilder.  We hope you enjoy his appearance here again today.
Kris Evans
Kris Evans is back as our featured model of the week in this Art Collection photosession with Rhys Jagger taken for us by guest photographer Dylan Rosser in Cape Town
Kris fans will be pleased to note that this photo set will be followed up by another Kris scene later in the year where Kris is fucking Jeroen Mondrian.
Kris & Rhys
We kick off our 'Loving Kris` special with an Art Collection` set of photos taken for us by Rick Day.
As this is a bit of a new format, we owe you a bit of an explanation. For this shoot we send Rick off with both Kris and Zac for the day with only the most basic instruction of shooting the boys individually and also sometimes together.  As a preview, we showed you the couple images in a quickie last week and today we have the solo set of images with Kris.
In 2 weeks we will bring you the photo session video, and then after that the solo images of Zac.
Th location is our regular summer retreat of Castello di KinkAngelo, and as usual with Art Collection sets, there are slightly less images than usual, but each one has been retouched and finished by Rick Day.
Kris Evans
It happens sometimes that our cameramen don`t take enough pictures to make what we think is an `adequate amount` of images to show you in these little visual previews.  In cases like that we take the easy way out and just give you more than one scene at the same time.  Today we get 2 dark and brooding beauties in Kris and Andrei along with a fabulous 3some of Hoyt, Vadim and Johnny.
Hoyt, Vadim, Johnny, Andrei and Kris
If there was ever any model that I feel a little redundant in writing a description for it is Kris Evans, so here I am faced with the task of telling you something about these pictures that gives you something new.
At the end of last year we released the film `Fucking Kris`.  The movie is a little reward for Kris for finally agreeing to bottom for us, so all of the proceeds from that DVD will go directly to Kris himself... so in case you don`t already have a copy, you can head on over to and show Kris a little love.
Kris Evans
We have Kris Evans back in another couples photoset today, this time with KinkyAngels star Hoyt Kogan.
Hoyt is one of the boys that is perfect for both KinkyAngels and BelAmiOnline and although we will be seeing him mostly on KinkyAngels to begin with, there will still be quite a few chances for him to make appearances here on BelAmiOnline as well.
Since Hoyt started with us his content falls into 3 different categories.  The 1st we call his `chunky` period.  This was when he first came to us and was still working for another studio as well and was a lot larger and chunkier and had a shaved head.  The second period we call his `chubby` period and this was while he was still getting into shape, but was carrying maybe an extra 10 lbs.  The 3rd period is as you have already seen him on KinkyAngels, groomed, toned and with a certain supermodel look about him.
This photo session is from his 2nd period.
Hoyt and Kris
Today you have a sneak peak at what is coming up in the finale of the Fucking Kris Series.  Here he is with Rhys Jagger.Look out on the 24th and 25th of December for the full scene here on BelAmiOnline
Kris and Rhys
It`s about 2 weeks now until we show you scenes 3 and 4 from the Fucking Kris series so we thought we would give you another little taste of what you may expect to find in the scenes...
Kris, Kevin, Marcel, Dylan
Today, we bring you the pictures from our upcoming fantasy 3 way which debuts later this month and features the Adonis like Kris Evans in his first condom free bottoming scene ever! Jean Daniel and Adam Archuleta join Kris for this 2 part 3 way that begins with Kris Evans topping both Adam and Jean-Daniel in Part 1 and in Part 2 Kris makes his condom free bottoming debut when Adam and Jean-Daniel take turns topping the muscular star. For now, check out the pictures from this standout scene coming to BelAmiOnline 9/27!
Adam, Kris and Jean-Daniel
Our August preview featured a photo-session of Rhys and Hoyt Kogan.  This last-minute substitution to Rhys with Kris was made as a `warm up` to Kris’ bottoming for Rhys next month.
Because these two make quite the couple, there are other photo-sets featuring this pair.  However, this set is the first and it was photographed in late 2012 in Hungary by Eliot Klein. We hope this whets your appetite till you get to see both guys in action at the end of September!
Kris and Rhys
This set of images is one of 2 Joan Crisol made with Kris Evans during our trip to Ibiza.  We call this the bathtub set (for obvious reasons) and it highlights the sultry side of the beauty of Kris.
Kris Evans
Our photo set this week is a bit of an extension from what we had last week.In last weeks video you saw some footage of Mick posing together with Dolph and Kris.  This weeks selection comes from those images and were taken for potential covers for the American Lovers DVDs.
African Photoshoot
Our art collection today focuses on Kris Evans and has a distinct Tom of Finland leather feel about it. One of the perfect accessories for this shoot is the handsome Ryan Kutcher.As we found out on our Australian trip, Kris and Ryan have such an innate rapport that it is always a pleasure watching them together.Joan Crisol took these images for us on location in Budapest
Kris in leather
<p>This photo session was taken in the summer of 2009 in an old castle in Central Hungary. We shot two layouts in this beautiful location: one soft and one regular. This is the latter. The cover for the 'Kris & Dolph' DVD came from this session.</p>
Kris and Dolph
This is the only photosession we managed to get out of Kris during our recent trip to Africa.  It was just 2 weeks after he was booted from the police force and he was still a bit sulky and undecided about his future.  Marty Stevens was even a bit gruff with him saying that he wasn`t in good shape for this photosession as he was eating every time when he should have been exercising.  Anyhow, Kris is always Kris and coming up next month you will have some more pics of him with Dolph to be able to compare body condition.
Kris Evans
That is Kris down on his hands and knees having both his cock and hole attended to by Skyler. This is the second clip from our trip to Amsterdam with these horny Americans and the first scene that Kris has ever made in another country. For those of you who were speculating last time that we were actually filming in Sir Elton`s house, rest assured that this wasn`t the case!
Kris and Skyler
<p>You`ve seen a few of this pictures on banners for belamionline over the past couple of months, and this week we are happy to be able to show you the whole set. Kris has come a long way from when he first started with us, toned up, got a new haircut and become much more comfortable getting his kit off in front of the camera. No matter which way you look at it, Kris is becoming one of the hottest guys on the web at the moment and we can`t wait to be able to show you more of him.</p>
Kris Evans