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Mark Aubrey

Mark Aubrey

We hear Mark’s name and think: “Sexy boy!” George Duroy recalls that when Mark first arrived in Bel Ami’s offices, “he had the kind of body I really loved. It was well-proportioned and tight.” Mark was a cyclist and could talk fluently about sports. He is also the most literate and well-read model with whom we have ever worked. Mark earned a university degree in computer sciences and then went on the graduate from law school. “If there was one model who was totally compatible with my very French sense of humor, it was him,” George recalls. Mark embodied many contradictions, first among them was the fact that although he was a porn star, he was not promiscuous and in fact, was rather sexually conservative. On the other hand, he made for an excellent porn actor because he considered it to be a different aspect of his sexuality, and therefore was sexually versatile and equally adept on top or bottom. “He did not confuse his private sex with his on-camera sex,” George says. Mark was a first-class performer in this regard because onscreen he is very believable and appealing. 

Model Rating

Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Light Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:18.5


Lukas in Love Orgy


It has been described as the best orgy ever filmed in gay porn, and this set of images shows us the boys and the action perfectly.  During filing the boys had to go through all their action twice, firstly for the cameramen, and then again for the stills photographer. After filming the orgy, the location was actually remodeled and this classical sauna was actually destroyed.
The full video of this orgy is coming up in a couple months.
Lukas in Love - Orgy
The summer photo sessions continue with Mark Aubrey and Liam Phoenix. Shot in Cape Town roughly five years ago, the location is notable for other reasons as well: it is the Turkish bath where Lukas filmed his historic last orgy! It’s a shame that it’s now no more than just a part of history. The bathhouse was leveled to make way for a more conservative Finnish sauna. It’s tragic because it was truly a beautiful building.
Mark and Liam
It has been a while since we have seen Mark Aubrey, but I hope it was worth the wait.  Here he is with another hung favorite, Joel D`Amici
Joel and Mark