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Henri Gaudin

Henri Gaudin

Henri is perhaps the ideal top, but only in private. He has a huge dick that does not appreciate the feel of a condom. If there are no condoms being used, his big and beautiful cock needs no more than five seconds to get hard and it will stay that way for as long as necessary. Henri is handsome in a boy-next-door way, and one of a handful of Bel Ami models who can deep-throat. He is naturally bisexual and enjoys sex with both men and women. Henri is also very bright and works in finance. “If I were to have another model to run an office, he would be perfect for it,” George Duroy says, “because he is not conflict-driven, but he can still push in the right direction. He is perfectly reliable on a personal level.” Sexually, Henri had no inhibitions whatsoever. He could be whatever you wanted from him: funny, intense, tough, tender. “He has a very strong sexual identity,” George says.

Model Rating

Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:19