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Todd Rosset

Todd Rosset

When Todd first arrived for a Bel Ami casting call, George Duroy was reluctant to use him because he was so young-looking. However, Todd matured before our eyes. “He is very well-mannered and has a tongue-in-cheek humor,” George says. “Todd is also another of our boys who has rediscovered his sexuality while working here.” Indeed, Todd evolved into a power bottom. He truly enjoys being fucked by two or more guys, but in private he prefers sex that is sensual, rather than too rough or aggressive.  After he graduated from university with a degree in physical education he moved to the US and still lives there now.

Model Rating

Eye color:Blue-Green
Hair color:Brown
Dick type:Average
Dick size:17


Todd & Dolph & Ariel - Part 2
Todd & Dolph & Ariel - Part 1
On the Set with Alex & Colin
Todd, Kevin, Jean-Daniel & Ariel
Todd & Florian
Todd and Claude
Rhys and Todd
Todd Rosset
Todd and Scott
Home Video
Andre, Todd and Kevin
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Todd and Sasha
Todd and Sasha


<p>This week`s photosession is one with an unique story.  On one of our earlier trips to South Africa, we ran a little photo school for anyone who was interested and a handful of you then joined us over there for some lessons from both our guest photographers, Howard and Benno, and these images were taken by Howard during the first day of the classes.</p>
<p>Of course, since our students were paying guests, we had to offer them the cream of the crop when it came to subjects, so they ended up with Kev, JD, Todd and Ariel.</p>
Todd, Kevin, Jean-Daniel & Ariel
<p>A special treat this week from our Cape Town collection is the incomparable Florian Nemec and Todd Rosset. This set of pictures was from one of our earlier trips and was taken by guest photographer, Benno Thoma. Neither guy is currently filming with us, but are still amongst our top tier models of all time.</p>
<p>Tanned, lean and beautiful, we hope you enjoys this Art Collection shoot this week</p>
Todd & Florian
There seems no better way to see out the old year than to share a glass of wine with one of your favorite boys, Todd Rosset.
This photoset was taken during Todd`s final trip to South Africa with us
Todd Rosset
Enjoy a sneak peak at some scenes to come later on BelAmiOnline that include many of your favorites: Mick Lovell, Jim Kerouac, Todd Rosset & newbie Scott Reeves.
Todd and Scott, Jim and Mick
This photoset was done a few years ago as a possible cover for a DVD.  Both guys look a little younger than you will see in their more recent video work
Todd and Ariel
This is a recent set of Todd that was shot in the same location as our shoot with CF.

When you compare these pictures with our earliest images of Todd, you will see that he has grown up quite a bit and changed from cute little boy into sexy little man ;-)

More photos here than normal as I just couldn`t bring myself to not show any of them!
Todd Rosset