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Johnny Eilish

Johnny Eilish

Johnny is a bit of a gym head, and spends almost all of his time there when he is not working.  Of course there have to be a few other interests, and those are cars and photography, but they certainly fall way down in comparison to working out. He was also one of the stars of the ES Addicted underwear campaign last year which was shot on location in Africa. He is one of the more classically beautiful guys of this latest generation and we can look forward to seeing more of him soon.

Model Rating

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:17
Dick type:Average


Johnny Eilish
Niko & Johnny
Halloween with Virgil & Johnny


<p>Johnny Eilish is one of our new generation of guys that you will start to see a lot more of.  Today he is visiting Eliot`s studio in Budapest for his `Model of the week` spread. Normal beach umprellas are reserved for more tropical locations, but it seems global warming is having an effect in Hungary too, so it features here as one of our props for this shoot.</p>
<p>We can`t really say that Johnny is either overly outgoing nor is he at all shy, so he falls in about the middle of the range for our models. Where he is a 10 on the scales is in his love of showing off, and Eliot affords him plenty of opportunities here.  For those of you who like your guys `au natuarel` Johnny certainly steps up to the plate today, with just the lightest of trims. Apart from being a steady and reliable performer, we are really in love with Johnny`s sensuality, and we hope we get to show it at its best in his upcoming scenes. </p>
Johnny Eilish
<p>Niko and Johnny have stolen a car and are looking to make a quick getaway...  Too bad they seem to have gotten distracted...</p>
Niko & Johnny
<p>Just for Halloween, we have newbies(ish) Virgil and Johnny here today.  This is an extra photoset this week replacing our normal remastered scene, as the models are hot, we have pics and their JO video, we hope you don`t mind the change just this once.</p>
Virgil & Johnny
<p>Today marks the BelAmi debut of Johnny Eilish. Johnny has been on Freshmen after making his first appearance there earlier this year and we can look forward to seeing a lot more of him here next year.  At the moment he is on production is a secret location in the Slovak countryside, so we are keen to see what he delivers there!</p>
Johnny Eilish