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Virgil Avedon

Virgil Avedon

Our one and only Siberian model is Virgil Avedon. He has been living in Prague already for quite a few years and has a good grip of the Czech language. He was a hockey goalkeeper up until he was 19, although he admits that it was a challenge to keep up a straight persona while playing hockey. He is one of our tallest models and does a lot of our off-camera model trainings.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick type:Average
Dick size:18


Virgil & Jim
Sun & Sangria part 4
Sun & Sangria part 2
Virgil & Niko
Halloween with Virgil & Johnny


<p>Today we start to bring you a few pictures from next year`s series `Sun & Sangria`.  For this series, we sent along a photographer to actually stay for the entire filming of the sex scenes, so you will get a lot more great, hardcore pictures coming up.  We start off with  Riff, Virgil, and Tommy, and pretty soon the whole new team of guys will be making an appearance.</p>
Riff, Virgil & Tommy
<p>Just for Halloween, we have newbies(ish) Virgil and Johnny here today.  This is an extra photoset this week replacing our normal remastered scene, as the models are hot, we have pics and their JO video, we hope you don`t mind the change just this once.</p>
Virgil & Johnny