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Johnny Surabaya

Johnny Surabaya

Johnny is famously depicted on the cover of “Greek Holiday 1” (with Josh Eliot). He was quite hung. Johnny had a wry quality that you can see in his photos, and was capable of believably portraying many different looks. “If I showed you his first casting, you would see he was very different,” George Duroy recalls. “I was hesitant about him because he was a little bit flabby and had a bad haircut. Then he lost 20 pounds and changed his hair and all of a sudden he was a really beautiful boy.” George feels that Johnny “had probably the most beautiful smile of all my models, comparable to Joey Amis. He had dimples in his cheeks!” We have one photo set where he very much resembles a young Brad Pitt. Johnny was a very flexible model, and incredibly sensual. “He could suck dick and play with dick forever,” George says. “I probably could have built him into a much bigger star if I had more time with him.” However, Johnny found a girlfriend in Switzerland who wanted him to grow out his hair, so he did, and it simply didn’t look very good. In any case, the period he worked for Bel Ami was productive and he filmed some excellent episodes for us.

Model Rating

Eye color:Blue-Gray
Hair color:Light Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:19