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Riis Erikson

Riis Erikson

Riss is a Slovak boy who started during our Balaton and Greek productions. He is an avid footballer and sometimes you will see him in a cast due to some sporting injury. He's unusually tall, so it means he always stands out in a crowd.

Model Rating

Hair color:Blond
Eye color:Blue
Dick type:Average
Dick size:15


Jerome & Riis
Riis Erikson
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<p>Farm hands? Construction workers? It is hard to say who Jerome and Riis are supposed to be here in today`s photoset, but then as long as they are as hot and sexy as they are, should we even care? Deftly avoiding all the nettles while following Benno`s instruction here, we get a beautifully crafted and sexy model of the week spread for all of you today.</p>
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Jerome & Riis