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Tom Rogers

Tom Rogers

Sometimes a new model comes along who is a natural born bottom. Tom Rogers is definitely one of these with his first 2 scenes bottoming for Jens Christensen and Jack harrer. Tom is a very well built you guy with perfectly sculpted muscles and a beautiful bubble butt. Mark already has a number scenes also available on Freshmen and we can look forward to seeing a lot more of him also on

Model Rating

Dick size:17
Dick type:Average
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Brown


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Tom Rogers
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Tom Rogers
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<p>Our blue-eyed jock, Tom Rogers is in front of the camera as it becomes his turn be our Model of the Week. It is almost exactly a year since Tom made his debut here in a ascene with Jens Christensen as part of our `25 new boys` special, and since then has been featured in scenes with other guys such as Jim, Jack and Ariel. So far all of Tom`s scenes have been as a bottom, but we hope to debut him as a top next year. Tom is not really into sports, but does spend a bit of time at the gym, when he is not partying with his friends or playing computer games. We`re happy that he took some time away from the computer today to allow Eliot to make this great set of pictures for us.</p>
Tom Rogers