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Eluan Jeunet

Eluan Jeunet

Eluan is a special new model for us. Not only is he handsome, muscular and hung, but he is also a boy of many talents. He speaks 7 different languages, worked as a production assistant in our Budapest offices and is now currently taking care of our chat operations in Budapest. Eluan can be found both here on BelAmiOnline and also on

Model Rating

Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Blond
Dick type:Average
Dick size:19


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<p>Our main concession to it being Easter this week is that we decided to bring you 2 guys instead of one for our model of the week spot.  We`ve paired up our 2 blonds with the biggest dicks for the occasion so we hope you enjoy seeing Eluan and Ashton here together today. They have been in a couple of group scenes together before, but this is the first (and not last) time you will see them as a couple.</p>
Ashton & Eluan
<p>2 of the biggest dicks at BelAmi are with us today as joint models of the week. Neither Eluan nor Helmut need any introduction, so we will just let you get on and enjoy this stunning pairing today. They will be back for a hardcore scene together at Christmas time, so stay tuned for that.</p>
Eluan & Helmut
<p>Eliot atarts off this week`s photosession asking Eluan to 'be yourself and be sexy'..Not too hard for tall, striking blond Eluan, as we think he can`t help being anything but sexy. Eluan is one of our regular models who also works for us behind the scenes. When we film in Hungary he is there as a translator, he spent some time managing the chat studio in Budapest (although it turned out he was much better at chatting and modelling than he was at managing) and is currently helping out in our Bratislava office. Eluan is very energetic and hard working as well as being handsome and gorgeous, so we are sure that he will do well in whatever he chooses, and are thankful that he chooses to stay with us for the time being.</p>
Eluan Jeunet