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Paul Cassidy

Paul Cassidy

Paul is another of our BelAmiChat models that is making here way here to BelAmiOnline as part of our 25th Anniversary special. Paul becaome very popular on chat with those customers who were looking for a charming and athletic type guy to chat with, or even give training advice. Paul went through his training sessions with Justin Saradon, but as his earliest scenes are all part of several special series, we decided to use a scene that him filmed after 6 months or so with Jeroen Mondrian as his debut on BelAmiOnlne. Paul is still filming regularly with us, but you will be able to find him primarily on

Model Rating

Dick type:Average
Hair color:Blond
Eye color:Blue-Green
Dick size:16.5


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Paul Cassidy


<p>It is a very rare thing for us to combine 3 guys together in a photo shoot, but today we have a bucolic shoot from the farmlands surrounding our Summer Loves chateau featuring 3 blonds, Paul, Yannis and Olaf.</p>
<p>The pictures are taken by regular guest photographer, Benno Thoma.</p>
Olaf, Yannis & Paul
<p>From your comments in our preview of Paul I can safely assume that most of you have been looking forward to seeing more of Paul, so we are happy to be able to bring you this photoset. Paul is a bit of unique situation for us... He spends most of his time these days cultivating his social media presense, but still makes himself available for filming whenever needed. Being a social media star obviously requires a knowledge of how to present yourself, and if this photoset is anything to go by, Paul has the potential to really go places.</p>
Paul Cassidy
<p>This week we have a special photo update. Photographer Michael Stokes was recently in Budapest and we sent along a few of our boys for him to photograph. While the style is definitely something different for us, we think the pictures came out really well and we see a fresh, more masculine take on some of our belamionline and belamichat boys. The video will be of day one of the shoot, with a JO special from one of the guys.  We will bring you day 2 of the shoot (along with another JO a bit later in the year). Special mention here to Niccolo, whose birthday it was last Friday.  </p>
<p>Hopefully we will be able to see the pictures soon in Michael`s upcoming book. You can check out some of his other work here: <a href=''></a></p>
Niccolo, Niko, Paul, Viggo