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Elio Chalamet

Elio Chalamet

Elio is one of our Freshmen and BelAmi models that started off working in 2017. Elio comes to us from Slovakia and is best friends with Nils Tatum and Paul Cassidy. His beautiful looks and nice round butt are simply breathtaking.

Model Rating

Dick size:16
Eye color:Blue
Dick type:Average
Hair color:Blond


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<p>Backing onto Table Mountain is a magical place that was chosen to highlight our 2 sexy guys today.  While the views are fantastic, it is Derek and Elio who are the real eye candy here.  Both are in great shape and make it easy for Eliot to come up with some great shots. Cameraman in training here today is Viggo.</p>
Elio & Derek
<p>We seem to be developing a whole generation of odels who are very active in promoting themselves on social media and revelling in their status as a BelAmi boy, and Elio is at the heart of this group. Today`s photo session however is from right at the beginning of his time with us when he was till a cute, innocent and slightly naive guy. We`re very happy that Eliot chose a very simple location and attire for Elio today as it provides no distractions from th beauty of Elio himself. Those of you similarly engaged in social media may want to check out his instagram for more of Elio on his travels around the world. <a href=''></a></p>
Elio Chalamet