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Niko Vangelis

Niko Vangelis

Niko is one of the boys we are introducing as part of our 25th Anniversary celebrations. Tall, Muscular and handsome, Niko started working with us exclusively on BelAmiChat before decided to move over to BelAmiOnline as well. Through his chat activities he may already be well known to some of you. He is flatmates and best friends with Jon Kael, so that is who we filmed his first scene with. As a new regular model, we can expect to see a lot more of Niko in the future.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Green
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:18.5


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<p>We are sticking with our guest photographer Benno this week, but with a more recent photosession with heartthrobs Jeroen and Niko.  We are at our regular summer Chateau this time for this very sexy outdoor shoot with the guys that also features a special guest appearance from some local villagers. </p>
<p>Shooting outdoors always presents a few extra challenges to our photographer but also usually produces some great pics for us all to enjoy.</p>
Niko & Jeroen
<p>Niko and Johnny have stolen a car and are looking to make a quick getaway...  Too bad they seem to have gotten distracted...</p>
Niko & Johnny
<p>Presenting our dazzling model of the week Niko, the epitome of masculine allure and athletic prowess! With a chiseled jawline that could launch a thousand dreams and eyes that smolder with intensity, this captivating gentleman is the embodiment of timeless charm. His rugged yet refined features are a testament to his good looks, while his perfectly tousled hair adds an irresistible touch of rugged masculinity.</p>
<p>But what truly sets him apart is his sculpted physique, a testament to his unwavering dedication to fitness and athleticism. His broad shoulders, well-defined arms, and washboard abs are a work of art, a testament to the countless hours he`s spent sculpting his body to perfection. Every sinewy muscle speaks to his strength and determination, making him a vision of athletic excellence.</p>
<p>As the camera captures his every move, you`ll be entranced by his confidence and poise. Whether he`s striking a pose or flashing a mischievous smile, his charisma shines through, leaving you utterly captivated. He effortlessly exudes sensuality, making every photograph a tantalizing journey into the world of desire.</p>
<p>With his magnetic presence and incredible physique, Niko is a true icon of allure and athleticism, leaving everyone who encounters his images longing for more. </p>
Niko Vangelis
<p>Today`s Summer Loves photoset is one with a bit of a difference. We generally don`t do `themed` shoots, the last time being in Ibiza with Joan Crisol, but today we make a bit of an exception and give our 3 muscle gods hard hats and send them off to be railway workers. We will happily admit that the hard hats are not real, but when faced with the hard bodies of both of today`s stars, it hardly matters!</p>
Andrei & Niko
<p>This week we have a special photo update. Photographer Michael Stokes was recently in Budapest and we sent along a few of our boys for him to photograph. While the style is definitely something different for us, we think the pictures came out really well and we see a fresh, more masculine take on some of our belamionline and belamichat boys. The video will be of day one of the shoot, with a JO special from one of the guys.  We will bring you day 2 of the shoot (along with another JO a bit later in the year). Special mention here to Niccolo, whose birthday it was last Friday.  </p>
<p>Hopefully we will be able to see the pictures soon in Michael`s upcoming book. You can check out some of his other work here: <a href=''></a></p>
Niccolo, Niko, Paul, Viggo