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Yannis Paluan

Yannis Paluan

Yannis is one of a new breed of models who started off working on BelAmiChat before decided to film for Freshmen and BelAmi. He is very talkative with a pleasant and outgoing personality, which helped him become a favorite on chat very quickly. Yannis came to us already fluent in English, so has been able to help to translate for any foreign visitors and on our trips to Cape Town. Most of his scenes are on but we will be seeing him more often here on BelAmi in the future.

Model Rating

Dick size:16.5
Eye color:Light Brown
Hair color:Blond
Dick type:Average


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Yannis Paluan


<p>It is a very rare thing for us to combine 3 guys together in a photo shoot, but today we have a bucolic shoot from the farmlands surrounding our Summer Loves chateau featuring 3 blonds, Paul, Yannis and Olaf.</p>
<p>The pictures are taken by regular guest photographer, Benno Thoma.</p>
Olaf, Yannis & Paul
Our freshmen photoset for this month features one of our most popular newcomers, Yannis Paluan. Yannis had immediate appeal for us due to his good looks, outgoing personality and his fluency in English (It`s been a great help on several of our overseas trips already). Yannis is very proud of his body and spends a lot of his free time either in the gym or playing sports. Yannis is also a natural born flirt, which makes him very popular on our live chat site,
Yannis Paluan