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Jens Christensen

Jens Christensen

Jens id one of our new guys who is destined to become a regular on Freshmen and BelAmiOnline. We gave him a northern European name as we thought it fitted his appearance quite well. He is about 6' tall, has an impressive physique and a nice big cock and balls.
Jens is refreshingly candid and is one of the few guys that we have interviewed that told us his first sex was the worst ever.. he was so worked up that he came almost instantly. We can assure you that he does not have that problem any more and has turned into quite an outstanding versatile performer.

Model Rating

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Blue
Dick type:Average
Dick size:18.5


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We know that you were all looking forward to the set of images of Jamie Durrell that we had planned to be showing you today, but as he has a scene and interview as part of BootCamp this week, we decided to bump him a little further down the line and bring you the charming Jens Christensen instead.
This is only the second time that Jens had visited our studios, the first being for his casting and he already seems to have lost any shyness that he may have had and shows no inhibitions when flaunting his lean and muscular body. Tall, handsome and hund, Jens already seems to have developed a bit of a following, so we hope that Eliot`s pictures today we will recruit a few more members into the Jens Christensen fanclub.
Jens Christensen