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Jim Durden

Jim Durden

Jim Durden is one of the boys who make up the core of our new Freshmen generation. Together with Pip Caulfield, Sven Basquiat and Kirk Gauguin we will be seeing a lot more of Jim in the future both of and also on BelAmiOnline.

Model Rating

Dick size:18
Dick type:Thick
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown


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<p>There is no denying the fact that our model of the week Jim Durden deserves his place in the pantheon of BelAmi`s best. Handsome, great body, magnificent dick and a sexual stamina that literally outdoes everyone else by miles. Our feature this week captures sexy Jim at his very best, smooth and lean and happy and willing to show off for all of us.</p>
Jim Durden
<p>'Dutch Master' Benno Thoma is in charge of our guys for this week`s photo update, and he certainly knows what to do to get the best out of Bastian and Jim here.  Both of the guys are in perfect shape here, so it makes the job of taking pictures quite a bit easier. Lean, hard bodies and even harder cocks are in abundance during this shoot. Last month we had the scene where they fuck each other as well, so if you missed that one, here it is</p>
Jim & Bastian
<p>Altogether Jim and Dylan have about half a dozen scenes together, most of them being double day specials. Whenever they are together there is something magical happens and the sparks start to fly. Today`s update is not a sex scene but rather a photosession, but we still expect it to be full of the usual exuberance and energy that is the trademark of both of these guys.</p>
Jim & Dylan
<p>Jim Durden takes over the mantle of Model of the Week today for our Summer Loves special. This was Jim`s first major project with us, as he had only done his casting a short 2 months before, and enjoyed it much more than he expected, so he decided that he would make a career taking his clothes off and is still actively filming with us today. As this is his 1st photoshoot he needs quiet a bit of instruction from Eliot, but luckily his natural beauty, easy smile and fun personality are exactly what it takes to be a featured model here on BelAmiOnline. </p>
Jim Durden