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Kian O'Connor

Kian O'Connor

Another Hungarian who made his debut during the 2nd half of 2018 is Kian O'Connor.
Kian has an impressive physique, masculine, almost rugged good looks and a beautiful big cock. Kian has a very easy going nature and is totally at home in front of the camera. Other than what is previously mentioned, the other thing you will find distinctive about Kian is his freckles, which help give him a raffish, sexy appeal...
Although he made his debut with a photoset earlier in the year, he has his hardcode debut as part of our 25 boys for the 25th Anniversary production in the final quarter of 2018, and you will see more of his coming up.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:19


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Kian O'Connor
Kian O'Connor


<p>Since it is almost Christmas we have doubled our photo updates this week.  Our seasonal special features Riff, Kian, Ashton, Jamie, and Tommy and was taken on our most recent trip to the southern hemisphere.</p>
Kian, Riff, Ashton, Jamie & Tommy
<p>After last Friday`s couple photoset featuring Mark Laysson with Kian O`Connor, we are going to focus more on our star Kian and his big cock. Kian joined the crew on a trip to sunny Spain where we could capture his perfectly shaped body and his massive manhood in a beautiful colonial villa as a backdrop. Even though Kian has started his own creator`s path, we are still in close touch with him in case some of the new boys want to be challenged by his rock-hard tool. We hope you will enjoy Monday`s photo set followed by the video on Wednesday.</p>
Kian O'Connor
It seems from comments in the preview that many of you have been waiting to see more of Kian O`Connor.  Kian is one of our new Hungarian models, but instead of fitting the form with dark, brooding and sensual looks, he is fair, freckled and intensely sexy. Kian will be back in action here in October, and you will also see more over him this year on our sister site,
Kian O'Connor