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Sven Basquiat

Sven Basquiat

Sven is one of the new and upcoming stars on Freshmen who recently made his debut on BelAmiOnline in a scene with Nate Donaghy.
Sven leads a very healthy life and runs at least 10km every morning before work. His charming and industrious personality impressed us so much that George offered him a job in our production team.
He is a central character in our Viva Colombia series on and also has scenes coming up in 'Jambo Africa' on BelAmi.

Model Rating

Dick type:Average
Dick size:16.5
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Blond


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<p>Today we have the charming Sven and Kevin making an appearance together in our photo update.</p>
<p>The shoot was supposed to be an outdoor one, but unfortunately, due to a heavy storm they had to run back inside.... and do the shoot in the shower instead.</p>
<p> </p>
Kevin & Sven
<p>The problem to be solved for our 3 guys today is what to do when it gets too hot. The answer is, of course obviously to get naked and continue your ramble as nature intended. It is always nice for us to be able to get outdoors every now and then to give you a change from our studio shoots, but our production team has gone above and beyond for this set of pictures. Have look here at our very own Children of the Corn, Sven, Pip, and Kirk.</p>
Pip, Sven & Kirk
<p>It`s raining men this week at BelAmi as we welcome Justin and Sven back as joint models of the week. Each month we will continue to bring you a selection of our `Art Collection` sets taken by Benno Thoma for us during our major productions. These will normally be couples and of course feature the hottest guys that the internet has to offer!</p>
Justin & Sven
During our stay in Colombia we asked Benno Thoma to follow the boys around during the day and try and capture the flavor of the country and some more genuine moments for their stay there.  This is our first installment of Benno`s pictures and more will be coming every 2nd month.
Colombian Tapas preview