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Benoit Ulliel

Benoit Ulliel

Be prepared to be hypnotised by those flashing blue eyes, unusual for a boy of Roma descent. Benoit is a wild boy from the suburbs who loves to explore the big world. He is passionate about his dance (if you have ever heard of 'shuffle'). When it comes to sex, he started off preferring to bottom, but by now he is also an excellent top. You will be seeing more of Benoit both on BelAmi and also on

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Blue
Dick type:Average
Dick size:17


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<p>Two of our slimmest models join forces this week as a special double model of the week. Benoit has already had a solo shoot at this point, but it only the 2nd thing Nate has done in front of the camera for us. Luckily they have Eliot there to walk them through the process and make them look as good in pictures as they do in the video. As a couple they really fit well toghether. Apart from their physique, they both have a LOT of hair and similar enchanting light eyes and fantastic big cocks.</p>
Nate & Benoit
There is something very uniquely sexy about Benoit. Tall, thin, charming with deep, mysterious eyes that draw you in and captivate you he makes the perfect model of the week. Eliot has chosen the bathroom as the setting for this weeks shoot, so we are lucky to get both a wet and dry version of Benoit. For those of us who are left wanting more, we`re pleased to say that there will be plenty of Benoit coming your way this year.
Benoit Ulliel
A trio of our newer generation boys are kicking off this weeks Jambo Africa session as they step in front of the lens of guest photographer Benno Thoma. Hernrik Bjorn, Benoit Ulliel and Jarrod Lanvin are out by the pool today in this fun and sexy art collection.
Henrik, Benoit & Jarrod