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Jayden Guillory

Jayden Guillory

Jayden is a model that we have not actually filmed any scenes with, but your response to his casting and photo session from the Castello KinkyAngelo was so positive that we thought we would create a model profile for him as well.
Chiseled body, movie star good looks and nice dick make Jayden a welcome addition to our photo collections

Model Rating

Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Dick size:18
Dick type:Thick


Jayden Guillory
Jayden Guillory
Jayden Guillory


<p>Insanely handsome Jayden is with us today as out model of the week. While Jayden may not think much of his own looks, I am sure that we will find plenty of people willing to disagree with him. Too bad that there is a travel ban kleeping most of us as home, as Jayden works at one of Europe`s largest airports doing security and handling bags for you. With a near perfect swimmer`s build, handsome face and engaging smile we`re sure that this was one of the easiest shoots Eliot has had in a while. As usual, we are eager for you to let us know what you think of Jayden.</p>
Jayden Guillory
As we promised a couple of weeks ago, we have your second taste of Jayden Guillory for you today.
This is another of our Art Collection photoshoots by Rick Day and forms part of our Summer Break programming. 
Jayden is one of the more athletic newcomers that we have seen for a while and looks like he could have stepped straight out of a professional swimming contest and in front of Rick`s camera.
Jayden Guillory