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Mario Texeira

Mario Texeira

Mario is not a big talker, but he is a big smiler, of all our current boys, he may be the only one you are guaranteed to find with a grin on his face all the time. We guess he found out while working for us that he absolutely loves bottoming. The more he does it, the more he loves it. Mario grew up in a town so small, that we don't even want to call it a village, this has given him a very down to earth and pleasant personality. He likes to work out and has a side job managing a small gym.

Model Rating

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Blue-Gray
Dick size:16.5
Dick type:Average


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Today we have new Freshmen star, Mario Texiera in our Budapest studio for a photo shoot with in-house photographer, Eliot Klien.  Mario has already been featured on Freshmen for a while and you will begin to see more of him in the coming months on BelAmiOnline. This was the first thing after his casting that we filmed with Mario, so he is still full of an endearing shyness as he gets his clothes off in front of the cameramen.  Once the session gets going though we are rewarded with a very handsome guy, with an amazing smile and very attractive physique.
Mario Texeira