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Bruce Querelle

Bruce Querelle

Bruce is one of the boys that we introduced during the fall of 2018 as part of our 25th Anniversary special. In January he will receive his proper introduction over on in a scene with Jon Kael before becoming a regular over here at BelAmiOnline. We will update you with more information with Bruce as his scenes come online.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:17
Dick type:Average


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<p>Bruce Querelle and Pierre Cezanne are on camera for our guest photographer Benno Thoma today. This outdoor set from Castello di Kinky Angelo starts with Pierre`s signature beard, which gets shaved off during this photo shoot. The boys had fun with the foam and at the end it is probably the first time we`ve seen Pierre clean-shaven. Enjoy today`s photo set followed by Wednesday`s cross jerk video.</p>
Pierre & Bruce
<p>This week is 'International Bruce Querelle Appreciation Week' so we decided to get things off to a roaring start with this amazing photo session of Bruce and angelic Nils Tatum.</p>
<p>If there was ever a couple that could be defined as luxury, it is Nils and Bruce, the yin and yang of perfection, the light and dark of loveliness.</p>
<p>Despite the tropical appearance, our pair is actually in Prague for this shoot and under the talented eye of photographer Eliot Klien. Although poor Eliot operates on a strict `no touch` rule, it is at times like this that it must be very difficult to resist.</p>
Nils & Bruce
<p>This week we are happy to bring you the full photoset from newcomer Bruce Querelle. We liked these images so much that we made Bruce`s `first look` selection for Freshmen from this session. Bruce is a stunning lad on many levels, his great body, his dick, his classical good looks and his piercing blue eyes all contribute to his overall appeal. Combine this with a charming and easy going personality and you have perfect boyfriend material. Any takers?</p>
Bruce Querelle