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Jarrod Lanvin

Jarrod Lanvin

Jarrod Lanvin came to us at the same time as his friend Joaquin Arenas. Since they were already buddies they even went through the casting and training process together.
While Jarrod has quite a bit of content on Freshmen, his first hardcore scenes on BelAmiOnline have been as supporting actor to both Helmut Huxley and Kieran Benning.
Jarrod excels at being a sensual and capable bottom so you can expect to see him more in the future with some of our biggest boys.

Model Rating

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:17.5
Dick type:Average


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Jarrod Lanvin
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Jarrod Lanvin
Jarrod Lanvin


<p>Our favorite Dutchman is back this week to take some pictures of Matthieu and Jarrod. Some of Benno`s other sets from this Summer Loves production have made use of more elaborate props and settings, but this time he relies on the natural beauty and sexiness of the models, both classic beauties in the prime of life.</p>
Matthieu & Jarrod
A trio of our newer generation boys are kicking off this weeks Jambo Africa session as they step in front of the lens of guest photographer Benno Thoma. Hernrik Bjorn, Benoit Ulliel and Jarrod Lanvin are out by the pool today in this fun and sexy art collection.
Henrik, Benoit & Jarrod
Eliot Klien is the man behind our couple photoset today with Jarrod and Liam.  Apart from being lean and fit there is not a lot that these guys have in common.  Liam is boisterous and uncontrollable whereas Jarrod is refined and sophisticated, but somehow the combination works well together. It seems that no matter how different our boys are, the key thing is that they all get along well together.
Jarrod & Liam
Welcome to another week of Jambo Africa!  To get things started we have a couple photoset with Jarrod Lanvin and Serge Cavalli.  While the guys are physically very different, Serge being dark and Jockish and Jarron being blond and slender, the contrast makes this set from Benno Thoma visually striking and interesting.  For those of you who don`t mind a bit of a spoiler, Serge will be back again next month in a scene with the one and only Hoyt Kogan.
Jarrod & Serge
Joan Crisol is our photographer for today`s art collection photoshoot with Joaquin and Jarrod. Joan`s last visit here in Prague lasted for a full week, so there we had plenty of time for him to photograph a lot of boys in this series.  Unlike our other shoots with Joan, this time we asked him to forego the props and the clothes and focus more on just the boys.
Joaquin & Jarrod
To wrap up our first week of Jambo Africa we have put together this special gallery for you of what is coming next month, ranging from the photo session all the way through to the Saturday scene.
Jambo Africa Preview
It has been a while since we had a couple as models of the week so we decided to slip one in for you today.
Jarrod Lanvin and Kieran Benning are a dreamy couple with a lot of physical attributes in common, but it is their contrasts that make them so interesting together.  Jarrod`s pale skin and piercing blue eyes compared to Kieran`s olive complexion and deep brown eyes.   It is also a good contrast here that allows us to appreciate how truly massively thick Kieran`s dick is!!
Jarrod & Kieran
Another taste today of one of our newer boys as Jarrod Lanvin steps up for his turn as model of the week.  Jarrod was introduced a few moths ago on in scenes with Jeff Mirren, Jaoquin Arrenas, Joel Birkin and Adam Archuleta.  
Today`s photoset comes from our Budapest studio and the cameraman is our own Eliot Klien.
Jarrod Lanvin