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Jason Bacall

Jason Bacall

Most of you will already be familiar with Jason Bacall. He started with us a short while ago and is still a key member of the team.
Jason is a sensual model equally at home as either top or a bottom and you will have the opportunity to see plenty of both in the future.
He is also one of the boys who turned out to be a natural on as well, so if you ever want to meet him and have a chat, feel free to visit him there.
Jason is also a participant in our Viva Colombia and African series in 2018.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Blue-Green
Dick type:Average
Dick size:17


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<p>Jason Bacall and Christian Lundgren find themselves today in front of the camera of Benno Thoma in the 'Garden of Sins'.</p>
<p>This outdoor set is the perfect place for the two stunning boys to enjoy each other`s body and dicks. Once, we are done with the photo shoot, we leave the boys to grab their cocks and stroke them until they both deliver the goods.</p>
Christian & Jason
<p>We are happy to bring you the very romantic pairing of Enrique and Jason as models of the week today. One dark, one blond, and both as sexy as can be they compliment each other perfectly. As with all of our photosets from the Chateau, this one seems a lot of fun, with more emphasis on catching the guys in sexy but candid moments over the formal posed shots. Even Bielko gets another moment to shine, still full of energy despite his advancing years...</p>
Enrique & Jason
<p>Like a pair of nymphs in paradise, we bring you Mael and Jason as our joint models of the week to kick off November. Almost hidden in plain sight at the Castello where we film ed our Summer Loves series is a tranquil pond full of waterlillies and Koi, and it is here that our demi-gods have chosen to make their appearance. Not quite as many pictures as in a regular photoset, but each is a exquisite example of sexiness and beauty.</p>
Mael & Jason
During our stay in Colombia we asked Benno Thoma to follow the boys around during the day and try and capture the flavor of the country and some more genuine moments for their stay there.  This is our first installment of Benno`s pictures and more will be coming every 2nd month.
Colombian Tapas preview
One of our stand out debuts from last year had to be the charming and flirtatious Jason Bacall.
Jason had a bit of an usual introduction here on BelAmiOnline, being thrown in at the deep end in a DP scene with Roald Ekberg and Adam Tores.  Things have returned to normal since then though and in November we presented you with his casting, and now to get January off to a good start, we have his first photo session.
Jason Bacall