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Justin Saradon

Justin Saradon

There was always a small group of boys who gradually figured out their sexual orientation once they started filming with us. In this group of new guys that we are presenting today there are 3 of them, Justin, Nino and Raphael (and we suspect that Jean-Luc is less clear about his preferences today than he used to be as well).
Also in Justin’s case you will see him in his earlier stages with his Bieber haircut and now a little riper and more athletic (although in Justin’s case, the word athletic always has to be taken with a grain of salt).
He is one of the boys who came with the express intention of only being a top, but found out that he could also be an extraordinary bottom.

Model Rating

Dick size:18
Eye color:Brown
Dick type:Thick
Hair color:Light Brown


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Justin Saradon


<p>It`s raining men this week at BelAmi as we welcome Justin and Sven back as joint models of the week. Each month we will continue to bring you a selection of our `Art Collection` sets taken by Benno Thoma for us during our major productions. These will normally be couples and of course feature the hottest guys that the internet has to offer!</p>
Justin & Sven
<p>We have a special art collection for you this Christmas straight from the nimble hands of Benno Thoma. This set is personally chosen by Benno from his work over the past couple of years, you may have already seen some of the collections these pictures come from, but if you haven`t rest assured they will be coming our way in the future. We hope we have covered most of your favourites here!</p>
Benno's Art Selection
<p>To start off our Sex Safari this week we have a little bit of an intellectual photoshoot. Actually, it just involves books, which is about as `intellectual` as we get today. Normally we give our photographer and his models some privacy and quite in order to be able to work, but today is anything but. For starters we have quite a heated discussion between Adam and Justin on who has the better exercise routine. Adam has hit the gym pretty seriously, and Justin downloaded a 7 minute workout app on his phone, and neither is willing to give an inch in defence of their own workout. To make things even crazier, Peter Annaud turns up of the set and distracts the guys by offering to let them fuck him! Poor Benno, it is amazing that he can get anything done at times, but still he always manages to create some magical images for us!</p>
Jordan & Justin
<p>Summer Loves is back again with everyone`s sweetheart, Justin Saradon. If you ever wonder how Justin stays in good shape, he puts it all down to his newfound healthy lifestyle. Gone are the crazy days of youth with a lot of drinking and smoking, replaced with the gym and healthy eating... Not that he still doesn`t enjoy partying, just now it is done drinking only water. His photographer here is resident camerman Eliot who has decided to make the most of the good weather and shoot in the open barn at the Chateau. </p>
<p>For those of you keen to see more of Justin the wait won`t be long as he is back at the end of the month in our Sex Safari series in a hardcore scene co-starring Dylan Maguire.</p>
Justin Saradon
It`s the start of another fantastic Jambo Africa week here on BelAmiOnline and to kick things off we have 3 of our smaller guys, Justin, Jerry and Tommy doing their thing for photographer Benno Thoma. We start the day off with the 3 of them together and then start mixing things up with some solos and couples before bringing all 3 of them back together for a group JO at the end of the day.  Just another day in paradise....
Justin, Jerry & Tommy
So we have finished another week of Jambo Africa and it is time to give you a little look at what is coming next.
Jambo Africa Preview
To wrap up our first week of Jambo Africa we have put together this special gallery for you of what is coming next month, ranging from the photo session all the way through to the Saturday scene.
Jambo Africa Preview
What is there not to love about a twink with an enormous dick?  As we have seen over on KinkyAngels, Justin Saradon is a natural born porn star, not only possessing a big dick of his own, loves getting fucked by them as well.
In a bit of a mutiny, it seems that Luke decided that he wanted to handle this photosession all by himself rather than hand it off to our usual photographer, Eliot.... and who can blame him even for just 1 second.
For those who Justin is just their type, we would be very happy to welcome you over to where you will see more of not only Justin, but more of the freshest boys on the web.
Justin Saradon