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Jeroen Mondrian

Jeroen Mondrian

Jeroen is from Prague in the Czech Republic and first appeared on our site in 2016. After completing his training with Jerome Exupery we decided to give him a long term contract and he is still filming with us now. Jeroen is a truly versatile performer who is equally adept on top as being a bottom.
He already has 10 scenes live on the site and we can look forward to more coming in the future. Jeroen became best friends with Serge Cavalli during our African productions and they can be found together both on and off the set quite often.

Model Rating

Hair color:Light Brown
Eye color:Blue
Dick size:18
Dick type:Thick


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<p>We are sticking with our guest photographer Benno this week, but with a more recent photosession with heartthrobs Jeroen and Niko.  We are at our regular summer Chateau this time for this very sexy outdoor shoot with the guys that also features a special guest appearance from some local villagers. </p>
<p>Shooting outdoors always presents a few extra challenges to our photographer but also usually produces some great pics for us all to enjoy.</p>
Niko & Jeroen
This will be the last of the Summer Break photo sessions that you get until the series resumes and we will be moving on to some Art Collection sets from our other guest photographers, so, here we are with 2 of our more athletic guys, Roald and Jeroen doing the rounds with Rick Day.
Roald & Jeroen
We first saw Jeroen back in July last year when his casting was shown on BelAmiOnline, and then again in January jerking off together with Jerome Exupery.  Over the next month we will have 2 things with Jeroen, this photosession and a first class blow job scene when Jerome continues his training of the rookie.
Jeroen Mondrian