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Raf Koons

Raf Koons

Even before Raf made his debut we were confident that he would quickly develop his own group of fans.
Raf is one of our models that also has regular work in our office so is a handy stand-in model whenever needed (if his partners can handle a thick 22cm!)

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Blue-Green
Dick size:22
Dick type:Thick


Joel, Claude, Torsten, Raf - part 2
Joel, Torsten & Raf
Helmut & Raf part 2
Helmut & Raf
Raf Koons
Raf & Tom
Peter, Raf, Orri & Marcel
Rick & Raf
Marcel, Adam & Raf
Roald & Raf
Raf & Brian
Raf & Rick
Dylan & Raf
Raf and Gary
Raf and Johnny
Raf & Jeff
Marc and Raf
Raf, Joel and Jon
Raf Koons
Raf Koons


We have a mini Raf and Jeff special going on for you at the moment.  In parallel to this photosession we have a blowjob scene for all our Freshmen customers tomorrow as well, so if you like these pics, feel free to pop on over and check that one out as well as they were both shot around the same time in Cape Town.
Both boys are physically well matched, although when it comes to dick size, there are not many guys who can compete with Raf.  Please enjoy the pictures today, and on Wednesday we have the accompanying video coming your way.
Raf & Jeff
One thing we can be sure of with Raf is that he is going to have plenty of fans here.  Good looking, charmingly innocent and quietly kinky Raf`s biggest treasure is what he has inside his pants.  With a hefty 22cm cock that always gets rock hard Raf is a pleasure to work with and you will be seeing more of him soon in our new Freshmen adventure.
Raf Koons
Starting next month Jack and Joel get their own series here on BelAmiOnline.  We thought long and hard on what name suits the boys best for this project and eventually settled on `Offensively Large` (no points for guessing what we are talking about here).
Starting in the first week of March we have both Joel and Jack teamed up together to fuck the ever grateful Claude Sorel, but for now, here is a selection of pictures from the first few scenes.
Introducing the Offensively Large Serie