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Bastian Dufy

Bastian Dufy

Bastian Dufy is the only boy we inherited from William Higgins out of this group. He succeeds to combine boyishness with a fairly mature and aggressive sexuality and his very young looks belie the fact that he is already 25yo.
One of our most flexible models in recent years he is equally at home to enjoying both bottoming and topping and anything sexual in general.
Bastian is an integral part of the Freshmen team along with making appearances on BelAmiOnline.

Model Rating

Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Blue
Dick type:Thick
Dick size:20


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Bastian Dufy
Bastian Dufy


<p>Huge dick pairing alert comes into effect today as we present Bastian Dufy and Charlie Bogard together as joint models of the week.  These pictures were taken for us by guest photographer, Rick Day on location at our regular chateau outside of Prague. While we probably would have liked to see a few more pictures of them together we are really appreciative of Rick`s achievements in showing off these 2 sexy guys. The accompanying video later in the week features the pair more intimately engaged, so don`t forget to have a look then as well.</p>
Charlie & Bastian
<p>'Dutch Master' Benno Thoma is in charge of our guys for this week`s photo update, and he certainly knows what to do to get the best out of Bastian and Jim here.  Both of the guys are in perfect shape here, so it makes the job of taking pictures quite a bit easier. Lean, hard bodies and even harder cocks are in abundance during this shoot. Last month we had the scene where they fuck each other as well, so if you missed that one, here it is</p>
Jim & Bastian
<p>Christmas week is always  jam pack with as many of yooour favorite boys that we can fit in. Instead of just one Model of the week, we decided to combine 3 flirty and charming guys and make a photo triple treat for you. Benno Thoma was there to photograph Pip, Bastian and Enrique in the same day and we thought it would make a perfect Christmas set. As Benno`s shoots from this trip didn`t include the traditional JO at the end, we decided to give you pictures and video on the same day</p>
Pip, Bastian & Enrique
We have two very sexy boys to kick off this month`s Jambo Africa week. photoshoot.  Both dark-haired charmers, Enrique`s looks tend to fall more into the suave and sophisticated category, while Bastian`s are more aligned with the rascally heartbreaker category.  Regardless, they make a very striking couple for us today.
Enrique & Bastian
To wrap up our first week of Jambo Africa we have put together this special gallery for you of what is coming next month, ranging from the photo session all the way through to the Saturday scene.
Jambo Africa Preview
Our photosession this week is a little bit longer than usual, 1stly as we couldn`t agree on removing any pictures, and 2ndly as it is not coming with a video (we already stole the solo to use on KinkyAngels).  Instead on Wednesday we have a special bonus scene that we hope will come as a surprise to many of you.
Bastian Dufy
Back in March you all seemed quite pleased with our newcomer Bastian Dufy, so we are very happy to have him back to kick off the month of June on BelAmiOnline.  Here he is being styled and photographed by Eliot Klien in one of our Budapest locations.<Br>
Bastian Dufy